MS® PES Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

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Product Description

MS PES hollow fiber Ultrafiltration membranes are designed for high rejection rates of viruses, bacteria, and also protein removal. It also has extended life with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Available with the polyester and polypropylene support, PES UF membranes are potential in improving the filtration efficiency in water treatment.

MS PES UF membrane can be applied to a variety of liquid streams. Our engineers can quickly assess your needs and make recommendations from our broad portfolio of ultrafiltration products and other pre-filters. We invite you to share in, and benefit from our specialized knowledge regarding manufacture, applications of membranes.

Membrane Features

  • Flow rate range from 36 to 96 GFD (60-160LMH)
  • Effectively remove 100% of pyrogen and endotoxin in pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical tolerance pH shifts from 2 to 13
  • Low operating costs due to low energy/chemicals required and long lasting membranes
  • Stable permeate quality: SDI15<1, Turbidity<0.1NTU


  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Bottled Water Preparation
  • Municipal Potable water treatment from any source including Ground water or River water
  • Water reuse applications for Green Buildings, Aquifer recharge or discharge to sensitive streams or rivers

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