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MS® PES Pressurized UF Module



MS® PES hollow fibre Ultrafiltration modules(MS® SUF modules) are designed for high protein rejection and extended life with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Available with the polyester and polypropylene support, MS® SUF serial of pressurized UF elements are potential in improving the filtration flux in water treatment, and filtration type is outside-in for lower fouling and better membrane cleaning.
MS® SUF serial of hollow fiber pressurized UF modules can be applied to a variety of liquid streams. Our engineers can quickly assess your needs and make recommendations from our broad portfolio of microfiltration products.


  • Municipal water/wastewater 
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas wastewater reuse, Produced water
  • Pulp and paper
  • Chemical solutions
  • Sugar and starch
  • Bottled water
  • Water reuse


  • High flow rate
  • Extended filter life
  • Low fouling design
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Single-step treatment reduces operating costs and increases efficiency
  • Resistant to chlorine, peroxide and wide range of pH levels
  • High water quality: Turbidity≤0.1NTU, SDI≤3, SS<1ppm


Module Type MS-SUF-4040 MS-SUF-8060 MS-SUF-1060 MS-SUF-1072 MS-SUF-3-8060
Capillaries Per Fiber 1 3
Membrane Surface Areas (m2/ft2) 8/86.11 55/592.01 60/645.83 75/807.29 55/538
Membrane Material Modified PES
MWCO (Dal) 100,000
ID/OD (mm/inch) 0.7/1.3 (0.027/0.051) 0.6/2.0 (0.024/0.075)
Housing Material UPVC

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