PES Pressurized UF Module

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MS® PES hollow fibre Ultrafiltration modules are designed for high protein rejection and extended life with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Available with the polyester and polypropylene support, PES pressurized UF elements are potential in improving the filtration flux in water treatment, and flow configuration is outside-in for lower fouling and better membrane cleaning.
MS® PES UF modules can be applied to a variety of liquid streams. Our engineers will quickly assess your needs and make the best recommendations from our broad portfolio of microfiltration products.


  • Municipal water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas wastewater reuse, produced water
  • Chemical solutions
  • Sugar and starch
  • Bottled water
  • Gound water treatment or Water reuse


  • High flow rate
  • Longer filter life
  • Low fouling design
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Single-step treatment reduces operating costs and increases efficiency
  • Resistant to chlorine, peroxide and wide range of pH levels
  • High water quality: Turbidity≤0.1NTU, SDI≤3, SS<1ppm


Module Type UFE10K4005I UFE10K4010I UFE10K4020I UFE10K6032I UFE10K6040I
Membrane Surface Areas (m2/ft2) 5/53.82 10/118.40  20/215.28 32/344.32 40/430.55 
Membrane Material Modified PES
Flow Configuration Inside-out(Outside-in available)
MWCO (Dal) 100k (10-100k)
ID/OD (mm/inch) 0.9/1.5 (0.035/0.059)
Housing Material UPVC

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