High Capacity HEPA Filters

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MS High Capacity HEPA Filters effectively remove harmful allergens from the air you breathe in every day. High Capacity HEPA Filters by our advanced technology will remove contaminants from air. They remove pollen, dusty, mold animal dander, smoke and other harmful allergens, and ensure the air clean in the workshop or rooms.

HEPA Filters


  • Removal of fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen and radioactive particles
  • Final filter applications including hospitals, electronics, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, lab
  • Pre-filters in clean room environments and other critical application

Technical Parameters

Maximum Constant Temperature 212 ℉ / 100 ℃
Recommended Final Pressure Drop 2.0” w.g.
Flammability UL 900 Class 1
UL 900 Class 2
Relative Humidity 100%

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