High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge

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MS high-flow pleated filter cartridge is made of deep polypropylene or resin synthetic glass fiber membrane, with a large diameter of 152mm/165mm and a single opening design. The large diameter ensures a large filtration area and increases the filtration flux, thereby reducing the number of filter cartridges and filters. Long service life and high flow rate greatly save equipment investment input cost and labor cost.

MS can provide various models of high-flow pleated filter cartridges, including various foreign alternative products, including: Pall high-flow pleated filter cartridges, 3M high-flow pleated filter cartridges, Parker high-flow pleated filter cartridges, etc.


  • High flow of single filter cartridge

  • Low installation cost, low operating cost

  • Small number of filter cartridge replacements

  • Various materials are available

  • Large filter area prolongs the service life of the filter cartridge and reduces replacement times

  • Various models of high-flow pleated filter cartridge can replace well-known foreign brand filter cartridges


  1. RO security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment

  2. Power plant boiler feed water, condensate filter

  3. Biological and chemical industries API, solvents and water filtration

  4. Food and beverage industry water treatment

  5. Electronic industry pure water, ultrapure water

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