Hollow Fiber MBR System

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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are the best available technology for wastewater treatment and reuse applications. Properly designed and operated, MBR systems are used for high removal of physical & organic pollutants from wastewater to obtain the highest quality reusable water for plants, irrigation or scenic water.
MS hollow fiber MBR system is made of reinforced PVDF H
ollow Fiber  membrane, with high chemical resistance, high intensity, higher porosity and larger flux, and the outlet water quality of system strictly meet the reclaim water standard.



  • High-efficiency organic matter removal, high-quality effluent
    Coupled with hydrophilic high-efficiency denitrification fillers and high grade membranes, MBR system can ensure high wastewater flow and outstanding treated water quality.
  • Better integrated construction
    This industrial wastewater treatment plant can be constructed using multiple containers in parallel, suitable for underground, half buried or above-ground installation. The parallel-connected container sewage treatment plant is featured by easy installation and high reliability, with no need for insulation.
  • Fully automatic control
    The containerized MBR plant is supplied with central control system allowing for ease of operation and remote monitoring, thus achieving unattended operation except for routine performance inspection and mechanical parts maintenance.

MBR Process

MBR is generally an efficient water treatment process integrating the biological process with membrane filtration. MS ®  has developed integrated systems(A2O+MBR) that have the ability to treat wastewater for various industries such as municipal, medical, printing & dyeing, food processing, pulp & paper, metalworking and more. Through setting of parameters including sludge retention time, sludge recycling system can be flexibly applied in different applications to achieve excellent quality effluent.




Standard container 20/40GP

High cube container 20HQ/40HQ

AO and A2O standard biological

Treatment unit

Enhanced phosphorus removal using chemical treatment unit,air flotation unit,ozone unit,etc.

Fully automatic PLC control system

Remote control,system maintenance &upgrade service 

Consistent Water Quality

Water source: Municipal wastewater, residential sewage,catering wastewater, industral wastewater, mining wastewater, chemical wastewater.

Parameter Influent Permeate
CODCr 500ppm <60ppm
BOD5 200ppm <10ppm
TSS 300ppm <2ppm
TN1 50ppm <10ppm
TP2 8ppm <1ppm
pH 6-9 6-9

Max. particle size

2mm -

FOG content (fat, oil, and grease)

<2ppm -
Turbidity - <0.5NTU

♦Design based on 70°F (20°C) water temperature.

Operational Parameters


Negative pressure filtration


Air flushing, backwashing

Working temperature


Suction pressure


Max. transmembrane pressure (TMP)


Typical Models 

Typical Applications 

  • Municipal wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse for temporary construction sites.
  • Organic wastewater treatment for airports, stations, docks, etc.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment for food & beverage industry.
  • Agricultural wastewater treatment for irrigation.
  • Residential and commercial wastewater treatment (e.g.living apartments, offices, shopping centers, hospitals, camps, mines, industrial parks).

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