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MS Hollow Fiber MBR System



Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are the best available technology for wastewater treatment and reuse applications. Properly designed and operated, MBR systems are used for high removal of physical & organic pollutants from wastewater to obtain the highest quality reusable water for plants, irrigation or scenic water.
MS hollow fiber MBR system is made of reinforced PVDF Hollow Fiber  membrane, with high chemical resistance, high intensity, higher porosity and larger flux, and the outlet water quality of system strictly meet the reclaim water standard.


  • Standardised systems, short lead times and quick start-up
  • Skid-mounted, modular design; easily integrated into existing plant, extensible
  • Integrated filtration and membrane cleaning system (Optimized Backwash and CEB & CIP)
  • Longer expected lifetime and high clogging & fouling resistant
  • Suitable for all types of effluent, highly flexible
  • PLC control system

Major Equipment

  • Reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane
  • Process blower 
  • Centrifugal permeate pump
  • Fine bubble diffusers
  • CIP/CEB/Backwash tank and cleaning equipment

Consistent Water Quality

Parameter Influent Permeate
CODCr 500ppm <20ppm
BOD5 300ppm <10ppm
TSS 300ppm <2ppm
TN1 50ppm <10ppm
TP2 8ppm <1ppm

♦Design based on 70°F (20°C) water temperature.

Typical Models 

MBR System Model MBR-H1 MBR-H3 MBR-H6
System Capacity 1T/h 3T/h 6T/h
Module Type 4040 / 10m2 6010 / 12.5m2 6010 / 12.5m2
Permeate Connector DN25/Flange DN32/Flange
Aeration Connector DN25 DN25 DN25
Blower Model HD30S HD40S HD501S
0.3bar,0.33m3/min 0.3bar, 0.65m3/min 0.3bar, 1.39m3/min
0.55kw 0.75kw 2.2kw
Feed Pump WQ1-20 WQ4-20 WQ6-20
Q=1m3/h, H=20m P=550w, 380V
Q=4m3/h, H=20m
P=750w, 380V
Q=6m3/h, H=20m
P=750w, 380V
Backwash Pump CHL2-40 CHL8-30 CHL8-30
Q=2m3/h, H=28m P=550w, 380V Q=6m3/h, H=28m P=1.1kw, 380V Q=6m3/h, H=28m P=1.1kw, 380V
Backwash Tank 200L 400L 500L
Dosing System Tank 40L 80L 80L
Pump AKS803 AKS803 AKS803
38L/h, 2bar 38L/h, 2bar 38L/h, 2bar
Self Priming Pump JET35(1 set) JET45 (1 set) JET45 (2 sets)
Q=1m3/h, H=24m, PS=7m Q=3m3/h, H=15m, PS=7m Q=3m3/h, H=15m, PS=7m
P=550w, 380V P=550w, 380V P=550w, 380V
Operation Temp 5-40℃/41-104℉ 5-40℃/41-104℉ 5-40℃/41-104℉
PLC System PLC: XC2-24R-E, XinJie PLC: S7-200CN, Siemens PLC: S7-200CN, Siemens
Touch Screen: XinJie TG765-MT, 10inch Touch Screen:TPC1061TI, 10inch Touch Screen:TPC1061TI, 10inch
Electric Component: Delixi Electric Component: Schneider Electric Component: Schneider
Skid Size 2300*1800*2300 3800*2300*2300 4200*2300*2300


Typical Applications 

  • Domestic wastewater
  • Small or medium sized industrial effluent treatment
  • Municipal/Commercial wastewater
  • Petrochemical effluent
  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Pulp & Paper industry
  • Food & Beverage industry

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