Retrofit for Hydranautics HYDRAcap Max80

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Retrofit UF for Hydranautics HYDRAcap Max80



MSFUF1090C retrofit module is developed to replace Hydranautics Ultrafiltration module HYDRAcap MAX80 with compatible dimensions to make sure no pipe and fitting change is required. MSFUF1090C is made with hollow fiber PVDF material with high tensile strength and pore size 0.03μm, customer can follow existing operation and cleaning program when using them for replacement project.


Features and Advantages

  • 0.03μm pore size guarantees stable permeate
  • Modified  hydrophilic PVDF membrane with easy wetting performance
  • High tolerance to varying influent water qualities
  • Reduced pretreatment requirements due to outside-in flow
  • High chemical resistance
  • Energy saving due to low operating pressure
  • Standard models allow for easy retrofits