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MS® Filter Cartridges

Used in semiconductor,Bio-Pharmaceutical,Food&Beverage,Water Treatment,Chemicals.Support customization,More compatible.

MS independently develops and produces microporous membranes such as Nylon, PES, PVDF, PTFE which membrane pore size range is 0.02μm~10μm, designs and manufactures various industrial filter cartridges, including pleated filter elements, small size filters, capsule filter cartridge, and activated carbon filter elements. , wire wound filter cartridges, melt blown filter cartridges, etc., to provide professional filtration solutions for enterprises in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, microelectronics, chemical industry, and water treatment.



Why Membrane Solutions

Strong R&D Capabilities

With the patented technology of independent research and development of filter membranes, we independently develop and produce Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, PES, etc. (membrane pore size range is 0.02-10μm) microporous membrane and membrane filter element products, which can supply products continuously and stably.

Stable Product Quality

The quality of filter Cartridges and membranes has been verified by the market. We have persisted in providing stable and reliable filter products for enterprises in different fields, including professional laboratories , and companies in the fields of Water Treatment, Energy, and Chemical, Food and Beverage, Biopharming .

The Verification Laboratory

Equipping a sound process verification laboratory, the laboratory has complete management procedures, standard test procedures, and standard operating specifications, providing various testing and verification services for pharmaceutical companies and filter manufacturers, making The preparation process of the whole process more economical and reliable.

High Compatibility

standard filtration specifications match the industry standards, and the industry products have a high substitutability.