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MS®Kitchen UF Drinking System


MS provides two serials of UF kitchen water purifiers, basic serial and standard serial. UF purifier systems with 5 stages filtration process remove above 99% of particles, bacterial, endotoxin, free chlorine in water, but leave with mineral ions for human health and the production water meeting the drinking water standard is safe and healthy for family. 

MS®Kitchen UF Drinking System

Products Features

  • Basic serial is lower cost with simple appearance design
  • Standard serial is designed with intelligent display screen
  • Simply install, replacement and repair the filters
  • Self-Produced UF membrane and filter for lower cost
  • Mineral water production is more healthier for your body
  • Economical and environment protection without energy consumption


  • Potable water
  • Tea making
  • Make drinks and coffee
  • Cooking 
  • Wash fruit and vegetables
  • Wash dishes
  • Wash face for skin protection

Products Information

Ordering Information

Category Filtration Technical Product Standard Connector Type Water Productivity RPW Serial
Residential Water Purifier Ultra-Filtration K=Kitchen S=Separated Filter 002=2 LPM B=Basic Serial
S=Standard Serial

Technical Requirement

Raw Water Inlet Water Quality Operation Conditions Filtration Stages
Municipal Tap Water TDS:≤500 ppm Pressure:0.08-0.4MPa 5
Temperature:5-45℃ PP+GAC+CTO+UF+T33

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