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MS®10" Korea Type UF Filter

Korea Type UF Filter Korea Type UF Filter1 Korea Type UF Filter2


MS®Korea Type UF Filter uses special ultrafiltration membrane technology and craft, the flow rate and compression capacity of which are greatly increased, and working pressure is 0.1-0.4 Mpa (municipal tap water pressure).

We offer the experience to support our customers from the decision choosing the appropriate UF membrane cartridge and provide 3 years warranty for the filter element.


  • High flux, long services life
  • Remove rust, colloid, sediment
  • Retention bacteria and E. coli over 99.999%
  • Water health and safe


Type MS-FRUF-D1004
Membrane material PVDF PS
Pore size 0.01μm 0.1μm
Membrane area 0.5m2 0.5 m2
Flux 150 L/H 180 L/H
Raw water Municipal water
Working pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
Working temperature 5-40℃
Life time 20 months
Size 10inch

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