Retrofit for Hyflux Kristal K600ER

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Retrofit for Hyflux Kristal K600ER



MSFUF8584N retrofit module is developed to replace Hyflux Kristal Ultrafiltration module K600ER with compatible dimensions to make sure no pipe and fitting change is required. MSFUF8584N is made with hollow fiber PVDF material with high tensile strength. Compared with PES, it offers less fiber breakage and higher resistance to chemical cleaning concentration, customer can follow existing operation and cleaning program when using MSFUF8584N for replacement project, this economical replacement can lower maintenance cost significantly for end users.


MS PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultra-filtration Membrane

  • High strength and low broken rate
  • Fouling resistance and excellent chemical stability
  • High flow rate and retention performance

Material of Removal

  • Molecular weight cut off >100,000 Dalton
  • Particle size larger than 0.03μm
  • Bacteria and virus,etc.