Liquid Filter Bag

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MS has a complete set of internal product quality control for each filter bag from product raw materials to final products to ensure product quality and reduce customer use costs. Our multi-material felt filter bags are fitted with a variety of bag rings to ensure compatibility with most of the filter cartridges on the market. We can provide high-quality filter bags to meet the problems faced by customers: accurate filter pore size, stable performance, and suitable ring opening. Multiple filtration requirements require multiple filtration product types. The ultra-long life design makes the filter bag have twice the dirt holding capacity than the ordinary filter bag, which can prolong the service life of the filter bag and reduce the replacement rate. It is suitable for medium and low viscosity liquid filtration.


  • Precise filter pore size

  • Stable performance

  • Suitable ring opening

  • Good friction resistance

  • Excellent acid and base resistance and oxidation resistance


  • RO security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment

  • Power plant boiler feed water, condensate filter

  • Biological and chemical industries API, solvents and water filtration

  • Food and beverage industry water treatment

  • Electronic industry pure water, ultrapure water

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