Hotel Wastewater MBR Project


Hotel wastewater is rich in oil, starch and COD, which belongs to unconventional domestic water, usually the hotel wastewater discharge into the pipe network need to meet the local standards. However, many hotels are located in remote mountainous areas, and such hotels need to build wastewater treatment systems. Below is the Membrane Solutions’ MBR integrated system case applied in the five-star hotel wastewater treatment in remote mountainous areas.


MBR Project Brief

The 5-star hotel is located near a famous Jinfo mountain in Chongqing, a province with abundant tourism resources in China. Every year when the tourism season comes, the hotel is full of tourists. It is estimated that the daily waste water volume of the hotel is close to 300 tons in peak season and about 80 tons per day in low season. The main wastewater pipe network nearest to the hotel is about 7 kilometer. In 2017, the hotel purchased integrated wastewater treatment from Shandong province. However, it was found that the effluent quality was difficult to reach the standard during multiple inspections by the environment protection department, and the equipment failed frequently in the past two years. Nearly residents also complained several times about the hotel’s waste water pollution.

Water Quality Index


CODcr (mg/L)

BOD5 (mg/L)










1. 5~3





The concentration of various pollutants in the hotel’s domestic wastewater is higher than conventional domestic wastewater. Hotel wastewater involves catering, washing, entertainment, toilet and other wastewater, grease and starch in wastewater are difficult to treat. Environmental engineers on the hotel wastewater detection found:BOD5, CODcr, SS, grease, ammonia nitrogen and other pollutants beyond the conventional wastewater treatment project inlet water quality. According to the local environmental protection requirements, the hotel wastewater purification needs to meet the China wastewater treatment and discharge standard grade A requirements.

Treatment Process

A. Kitchen Waste→Smash→ Integrated Kitchen Waste Plant→ Compression Dehydrated → Solid Waste

B. Restaurant Waste Water → Fine Screens → Oil-Water Separator → Septic-Tank → Fine Screens → Integrated Waste Water Treatment Plant → Sterilization → Emission

Plant Advantages

1. Innovations and improved wastewater treatment technologies, and ensured that production water quality meets the standard. Local treatment, green reuse, no pipe network problems. The plant has low energy consumption, low operation and maintenance, and low electricity charge per ton of water treatment is 0.06 dollars. Automatic control, built-in intelligent water system, 24 hours online monitoring.

Project Summary

The design of hotel waste water treatment system needs to analyze the inlet water quality and select the equipment according to the local wastewater discharge standards. Reasonable hotel wastewater treatment scheme should be followed, stable discharge, economic and practical, according to local conditions. As a senior integrated wastewater treatment equipment solution service provider, Membrane Solutions provides a full range of integrated wastewater treatment equipment products and scientific solutions, for quotation of hotel wastewater treatment products, please contact us. 


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