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Island Domestic Wastewater MBR Project


Brief Introduction

Islands are surrounded by water. If domestic sewage is discharged directly, the negative impact on the water environment will be more serious than that on the mainland coast. The exploitation and construction of sea and island resources shall be based on full investigation and assessment of land and water resources conditions on islands. Secondly, relying on rainwater collection, seawater desalination and sewage regeneration and other technologies, accelerate the construction process of beautiful islands. Today, professional domestic sewage treatment equipment manufacturers will introduce the island domestic sewage treatment scheme. 


Island Domestic Sewage Treatment Status Quo

China's island resources are rich with many islands. Only urban areas of large islands have sewage treatment systems in place, and untreated sewage from small islands and some island villages eventually enters the sea through rivers. Islands are also popular destinations for tourists, resulting in an increase in sewage emissions year by year. The pattern of island villages tends to be miniaturized, and farmers do not have strong awareness of domestic sewage treatment. The point source pollution is serious, and the centralized treatment of domestic sewage is difficult. It not only affects the local tourism industry, but also destroys the local ecological water environment, and has a serious impact on the island rural living environment. 

Main Water Sources and Island Sewage Discharge

There is less industrial pollution in the island, and the main pollution is the daily life wastewater of local residents, the hotel catering wastewater and part of the landfill leachate brought by increased tourism. The main pollutants of island sewage are CODCr, BOD5, TN, TP, SS, oil and surfactant, and their discharge coefficient is generally less than 0.5, which is lower than that of ordinary urban domestic sewage. On one hand, it is difficult to collect shipboard sewage, seafood processing wastewater and entertainment wastewater due to the large amount of water used on the island. On the other hand, the island geology is bedrock, so it is difficult to lay sewage pipe network. Some retail and remote businesses generate sewage that is not connected to the collection network. Therefore, the design of island sewage treatment scheme must be made according to the actual situation of the island. 


Island Sewage Treatment Process

Island sewage → Oil-water separator → Septic-tank → Fine screens → Integrated waste water treatment plant → Sterilization → Emission

MS’ Island Sewage MBR Treatment System

According to the characteristics of island domestic sewage, Membrane Solutions independent research and development and upgrading of different processes (AO/A2O/MBR) equipment, MS MBR island domestic sewage treatment equipment adopts biofilm sewage treatment system, it is a biological reaction system integrating membrane separation technology and biodegradation of bioreactor. It can efficiently carry out solid-liquid separation and achieve stable water quality standards. Compared with the traditional carbon steel sewage treatment equipment, Membrane Solutions integrated sewage treatment equipment has the following significant advantages: High volume load, stronger toxicity resistance and load impact resistance, no sludge reflux and compact treatment facilities, integrated facilities cover a small area, with low energy consumption, long life and other advantages. 


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