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Rural Wastewater MBR Project


Project Name: Rural sewage treatment in Sichaun province

Standard For Water Quality 

 "Cities Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharged standard" (GB 18918-2002) level 1 A standard

System Model: MBR-H50

Equipment material: SUS304

Treatment process: A2O+MBR

Project Background

In recent years, Sichuan province has made solid efforts to improve the rural environment, and intensified efforts to control aquaculture waste water, black and smelly water bodies and rural domestic sewage. The local government got to know our products and services by chance, which are highly matched with local rural sewage treatment. After repeated communication, Membrane Solutions was fortunate to participate in the ecological management project of Guanghan Area.


Project Highlights

The rural sewage treatment station adopts above ground installation, which greatly reduces the cost of civil construction and shortens the construction period of the project. Containerized MBR waste water treatment plant can automatic operation, with remote data monitoring and video monitoring functions, and remote operation of equipment start and stop, remote fault diagnosis, remote alarm and push to maintenance personnel, laying a solid foundation for efficient operation and maintenance management in the later period.

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