Medical Apparatus

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Medical Apparatus Description

Medical disposables are products designed for cheapness and short-term use rather than medium to long-term durability, with most products only intended for single use.There are various instruments used in the medical care. Maintaining sterility or cleanliness of the instruments is very important. Membrane Solutions is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of medical disposable products.

Membrane Solutions is an ISO 9001-200 certified organization and our product range is inclusive of high quality medical and surgical disposable items. Our medical disposable products are sterilized by EO or Gramma radiation. OEM service is also available.

Medical ApparatusDisposable Precision Infusion Apparatus


  • Disposable, Sterile and Non-Pyrogenic
  • Minimise the movement at cannulation site by taking manipulation site away from the insertion site
  • Considerably reduces the chances of mechanical irritation and infection thereby reducing trauma to the patient
  • Extends the pathway between the infusion site and the source of infusion
  • Highly kink resistant tubing
  • Heavy metals, inspection of barium, chromium, copper, lead and tin content of total does not exceed 1ug/ml
  • Non-toxic, no heat source, no hemolysis, no stimulation
  • Disposable Precision Infusion Apparatus: Membrane material: PES or Nylon; Membrane pore sizes: 0.22,0.45,1.0,3.0,5.0um; PH: inspection and blank liquid pH value of no more than 1.5


  • Keep a barrier between the patient and the breathing equipment when air or other anesthetic gas mixtures are delivered to the patient
  • Used for infusion solution
  • Standard blood components
  • Blood transfusion and filtration
  • Used for other medical care

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