Medical Blood Filtration

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Product Description

In today’s healthcare environment, blood care confronts many challenges, blood centers and hospitals must make smarter decisions to enhance their ability to provide the highest quality blood transfusion and filtration products. Membrane Solutions has set the standard of blood care in the medical filtration field. We offer different kinds of arterial blood filter and stand blood filter for extracorporeal service, such as blood tubular filter. Their top performance and reliability relys on our advanced filtration technology.

Medical blood filtrationMedical blood filtration


  • Filtration rate: the meshes are uniformly, the total area should be not less than 10cm2, and the solid offal on the filter should be not less than 80% on the standard filter.
  • Flux: more than 1000ml/30min under the air pressure difference of 10kpa; more than 500ml/2min when the air pressure is above 30kpa.
  • Chemical performance: Reverted substance: the volume difference that test liquid and blank liquid consume potassium permanganate solution [C(KMnO4)=0.002Mol/L] is not more than 2.0ml Acid and alkalinity degree: the PH difference between test liquid and blank liquid is not more than 1.5.
  • Heavy metals, inspection of barium, chromium, copper, lead and tin content of total does not exceed 1ug/ml.
  • Non-toxic, no heat source, no hemolysis, no stimulation


  • Pharmacy admixture
  • Small volume sterilization
  • Low volume pain control and low volume injectables
  • Standard blood components
  • Blood filters for transfusion drip chambers and hemodialysis drip chambers
  • High volume liquid filters for general purpose applications
  • Used for other medical care

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