Medical Liquid Filtration

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Medical Liquid Filtration Description

Membrane Solutions’ medical liquid filters and devices have been used for decades to ensure the safe and effective administration of medical filtration industry. Our medical liquid filters reduce the risk of contamination and the potential for costly secondary infections that may occur during infusion therapy.

Membrane Solutions provides different kinds of medical liquid filters including general liquid medicine filter, precision liquid medicine filter and Anesthesia drug filter. Our products have been designed to meet the critical requirements for specific medical applications.

General Liquid Medicine FilterPrecision Liquid Medicine Filter.jpg


  • General liquid medicine filter is designed to filter insoluble particles of liquid medicine and gas by gravity or external pressure.
  • Precision liquid medicine filter is designed to withstand higher operating pressure and exposure to alcohols.
  • Anesthesia drug filter is a highly efficient, single use, bacterial and viral removal filter.
  • High performance anti-bacterial filtration
  • Physical performance: the filtration rate of 20um atom in the liquid should be more than 85%
  • New housing material withstands higher operating pressures
  • Non-toxic, no heat source, no hemolysis, no stimulation


  • Infusion therapy such as antibiotic therapy, lipid/TPN infusion and non-invasive therapy
  • Blood separation and pharmacy admixture
  • Large-volume fluid sterilization
  • Personal hygiene and care of immuno-compromised patients
  • Preparation of food and beverages for high-risk patients
  • Surgical hand washing
  • Medical filtration and contamination control

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