Media Efficiency

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Media Efficiency Description

MS has an extended range of medium efficiency pre-filters, which are adapted to the demands of the various markets. The range consists of multi-pleat, multi-guard and clean-pak pocket filters. All of them are produced according to the highest standards.

Multi-Pleat Clean-pak Pocket Filters Multi-guard


Synthetic media products are especially effective in situations where a higher standard of cleanliness is expected. These might include kitchens, cafeterias, computer bank rooms, etc.

Technical Parameters

Pressure Drop (Initial)
Model W F A
Media Non-Woven Media
Frame Plywood Fire Resistant Plywood Aluminum
Sealant Hot Melt Resin
Gasket Choloprene
Max. Temperature (℃) 60
Max. Continuous Operation Temperature (℃) 40
Max. Peak Humidity 98

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