MS® Automatic Membrane Dispenser

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The”Membrane Filtration Technique” is meet regulatory guidelines and commonly using in quantitative microorganism detection in various liquids, for example, the Beverage, Beer, Wine, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and environmental monitoring.
The MS® Automatic Membrane Dispenser is designed with compact size, easy for loading and hands-free high speed extracting membrane filters, facilitate the process more reliable, fast and convenient!


  • Hands-free (no touch) sterile membrane dispensing
  • Easy loading of sterile membrane roles
  • Indicates number of used and remaining membranes
  • High-speed dispending , < 1 second
  • Compact size and portable
  • Operates with 110/220V or 18650 Battery

Ordering information & Cross Reference

MS Cat No.  Description Sartorius
DISP005 MS full automatic
membrane dispenser
  • E. coli recovery rates > 90%
  • Saccharomyces recovery rate >90%
  • Excellent Flow rate in different liquids
  • Microbiological”friendly” ink promotes growth on grids to maximize recovery
  • Pre-Steriled by Gamma Ray, Shelf life 3 years
  • Detailed Quality Certificate to send with every lot

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