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Membrane Filtration System 

                                    —for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Professional Business for Water Management

Membrane Solutions is known for its state of the art water & wastewater treatment systems, and not only has researched and manufactured our own extremely high performance Membranes and Membrane Modules with an excellent R&D group, and also provides the best water solution and the flexible Membrane Systems as different client’s requirements. 

Through the years, we have developed a professional and mature knowledge of membrane filtration in the water industry. This brought us to elaborate a comprehensive offer and provide membrane system equipment, complete engineering services, in-house manufacturing and thorough after sale service. With this solid business model, MS Innovation positioned itself as a leader among the major water treatment players and is continuously increasing its market share.

Innovative System Design


Membrane System Casting Capability

  • Complete water solutions and drawings designed by professionals with rich experience in water treatment field
  • FLEXIBLE in units specification, it can be customized according to different requests
  • With own membrane casting, more stable quality and better cost control
  • Mature membrane system casting technology for more fixed, simpler and pretty skids
  • Easy for transportation, quick installation and easy operation

Typical Membrane System Applications


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