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Data storage, often called storage or memory, refers to computer components and recording media that retain digital data used for computing for some interval of time. Data storage provides one of the core functions of the modern computer— information retention. The most popular definition of the data storage limits it to only the storage of information on computers and similar devices like hard disk drive, CDs, stick of DDR-RAM etc.

Data Storage

Data Storage Filtration

Newer data storage technologies like HAMR (Heat Assisted Media Recording) and BPM (Bit Patterned Media) are pushing manufacturing precision requirements to higher and higher levels. As the gap between reader and media grows smaller and smaller, contamination control becomes more and more critical.

These platforms will most likely necessitate significant reductions in key areas such as glide height (height difference between the recording head and recording media) and flying height. Finer filtration ratings will then be required for such applications as nickel plating, substrate /media cleaning and lube coating.

In the process, wound string, melt blown cartridge filter are demanded in nickel plating, pleated cartridge filter is applied in substrate/media cleaning.

Nickel Plating

Whether for the initial zinc plating process or the final nickel plating, Membrane Solutions has membrane filtration options that remove contaminants to the levels you need.

Wound string, Melt blown cartridge filter is used in the nickel plating field. PTFE cartridge filter and PP cartridge filter has the high filtration efficiency to remove the particles in plating solution.

Substrate/media cleaning

Substrate/media cleaning process demands the high pure water like the ultrapure water from RO or EDI. The quality of DI water assures the semiconductor performance. Filtration perform critical electroplating operations with a high degree of uniformity and repeatability on industry standard and non standard substrates, including Si, GaAs, InP, and other glass-type substrates. Wound string, High dirt holding capacity melt blown cartridge filter is used in the cleaning process. PP and sterile PES pleated cartridge filter is efficient in removing particles.

Lube coating

In the lube coating process, usually use High dirt holding capacity PP pleated cartridge filter, PES and PTFE cartridge filter. Also PTFE capsule filter is applied in the field.

MS Experience in Data Storage Filtration

Membrane Solutions has extensive semiconductor industry experience in filtration and separation technology, which allows us to design, develop and manufacture filtration solutions to suit every application. Our filter media is compatible with all commonly used solvents and chemicals, and is designed to provide consistent batch to batch ink quality, long run periods between purge cycles and minimum hold-up volume to reduce wastage and product loss during change out.

Since our business became involved in semiconductor industry, we has been making efforts to become more professional and authoritative in this field. During the rapid development phase, Membrane Solutions has established wide and long-term cooperation relationships with a great deal of electronics factories. These customers present enough confidence in us and our products, meanwhile, we membrane solutions, with responsible attitude, also manufacture high-quality products as well as appropriate solutions for our customers.

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Features & Benefits of MS® Filters for Data Storage Filtration

  • Quality of data storage filters is guaranteed for MS has ISO 9001 Certification & CE Market
  • Certificate of FDA Registration
  • Global Supply Chain and Efficient Customer Service
  • Glass 100,000 clean Room
  • Quick Delivery 5-7 days guaranteed
  • OEM option, Private Labeling Service
  • Consistent QA and Stable Product Supply
  • Supplying the semiconductor manufactures with the best filtration solutions at the lowest cost

Recommended MS® Products

walnut shell filters walnut shell filters walnut shell filters

MS® MicronPure Melt blown Cartridge Filter

MS® melt blown cartridge filter is one of the deep filtration products. Graded pore structure enhances dirt holding capacity, long service life and high contaminant removal efficiency.

MS® PolyPure Pleated Cartridge Filter

MS® PolyPure Cartridge Filter is constructed of micro polypropylene and ideally suited for removing agglomerated particles and gels. Deep, wide pleats for long service life and construction optimized for consistent performance under variation in flow.

MS® Capsule filters

MS® Capsule filters are designed for critical, small volume filter applications in the coatings, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics markets. They contain pleated, absolute-rated, filter media providing excellent retention of particles at fast flow rates. The all polypropylene construction offers superior chemical resistance and durability in demanding process applications.

walnut shell filters walnut shell filters walnut shell filters

MS® SteriPure PES Pleated Cartridge Filter

MS® SteriPure PES Pleated Cartridge Filter is manufactured with advance hydrophilic, asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes. The PES membrane provides accurate particle cut-offs and is compatible with a broad range of chemicals.

MS® LQ-PTFE Cartridge Filter

MS®LQ-PTFE Cartridge Filter are high porosity and high laminating strength, reached world first class technology. High-temperature resistance PTFE membrane filter media and this MS® LQ-PTFE Cartridge Filter for wet filtration, to be hi-tech transferable products.

MS® AquapureGP Wound String Cartridge Filter

MS® wound string cartridge filter is one of the deep filter cartridge, which is made of the textile fabric string (polypropylene, absorbent cotton and so on) preciously winding onto the multi-hole axis according to be the specific technology.

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