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One of the biggest challenges facing semiconductor manufacturing is surface contamination of silicon wafers. Studies have shown that defects brought about by contamination cause up to 80% of the electrical failures in chips. If there are contaminants in the wafer manufacturing process that are not completely removed, it will affect the yield of the wafers, and cause a whole wafer or even batches of wafers to be scrapped. Therefore, the semiconductor cleaning technology is one of the most critical steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process. As an important part of the semiconductor process, the wet technology etches and cleans the wafer surface through chemicals (acids, alkalis, solvents, etc.) and liquid media such as ultra-pure water. See the typical wafer cleaning process below.

Typical Cleaning Tank Process


The filter cartridge products of Membrane Solutions can provide filtration solutions with excellent performance. Some of them are specially designed for SC1, SC2, 49HF, HN03, EKC, NMP and other liquid filtration in semiconductor wet process applications. Many application filter cartridges suitable for various liquid have been developed, which can effectively remove particles in high purity chemicals used in the semiconductor industry, and escort to improve the yield of semiconductor process wafers.

Typical Cleaning Tank Process (Take SC1 as an example)


Process Technology Membrane Solutions Recommended Filter Cartridge Series
Semiconductor Wet Process Filtration Wet-Fluoride Series All Fluorine Filter Cartridge  All Fluorine Filter Cartridge for SEMI Wet Process
Wet-Fluoride Series All Fluorine Capsule Filter  All Fluorine Capsule Filter for SEMI Wet Process
Wet-Vast Series PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge with HDPE Cage for SEMI Wet Process
Wet-Mega Series PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge with PP Cage for SEMI Wet Process
Clean-Nova Series PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with HDPE Cage for SEMI Clean Process
Clean-Nova Series PES Capsule Filter Capsule Filter for SEMI Clean Process
Clean-Gard Series PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with PP Cage for SEMI Clean Process

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