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MS®Well Plate


MS® Multiwell culture plates are available in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well formats and tissue culture treated for cell culture of anchorage dependent cells and non-treated for suspension cell culture applications.
Multiwell Plates Number of Wells PDF catalogue
Culture Plate 6wells, 12wells, 24wells, 48wells, 96wells    [ 6page / 947kb ]
ELISA Plate 48wells, 96wells
Deep-well Multiwell Plates 96wells
luminescence plates 48wells, 96wells
PCR Plate 96wells
Serological Plates 48wells, 96wells


Cell culture
ELISA test


Work as plates or reservoirs .
Certified Dnase/Rnase, and endotoxin-free.
Treated for optimal cell attachment.
Uniform footprint for ease in stacking.

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