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Municipal Water

Membrane filtration technology is becoming the technology of choice for safe drinking water. Suspended particles, microorganisms and some soluble salts must be removed as they can contaminate drinking water and have a negative impact on public health. Membrane Solutions provides a variety of filters to meet different requirements of water quality.
Water Softener

The hardness of water depends on the amount of lime salt and magnesium oxide salt it contains. Water with too much hardness has a poor taste and is hazardous to human health. Lime softening is one of the most common ways to reduce water hardness.

Activated Carbon Filtration
Chlorine is widely used to disinfect drinking water and is also harmful to human health, so residual chlorine must be removed. Activated carbon has a good adsorption effect on chlorine and dissolved organic matter, and is widely used in RO pre-treatment system.

Pre-filtration removes particles that cause premature scaling in RO system, protecting high-pressure pumps and RO system. A good pre-filtration system can significantly improve influent water quality with low SDI and turbidity values before entering the RO system. MS filter element can help you effectively extend the service life of RO membrane and reduce system costs.

Final Filtration
Final filtration is used to ensure the final sterile filtration process and to remove particles, bacteria and heat sources.
After understanding the process needs of customers, Membrane Solutions provides customers with stable and reliable products for a long time, and can provide perfect filter cartridge process validation. Its recommendations for the filtration and applications of the main sites in the process of municipal water are as follows:


Station Membrane Solutions Recommended Filter Cartridge Series
①Activated Carbon Filtration ACR Series  Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Cartridge
MS RPS Series  Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
②Pre-filtration MS_600 FlowPure-HF  Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flow
MicroPure Classic Series  PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
PolyPure-Classic Series (PPC Series)  PP Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flux and High Flow Rate
③Terminal Filtration SteriPure Series (SP Series)  PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flow Rate and Long Service Life
SteriPure-B Series (SPB Series)  Sterile-grade PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flow Rate and High Efficiency
SteriPure-P Series (SPP Series)  Sterile-grade double-layer PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with Long Service Life and High Efficiency
SteriPure-D Series (SPD Series)  Sterile-grade Double-layer PES Pleated Filter Cartridge with Higher Removal Efficiency
PolymidPure Series (PN Series)  Nylon66 Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Strength and High Temperature Resistance

For detailed technical solutions and product series information, please contact MS sales engineer.

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