Nomex filter felt

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Product Description

The characteristics of nomex filter needle felt: High temperature (204~ 240 degree), anti -acid, anti-alkali, high filtration precision, blow speed, low pressure drop, anti -break, anti -abrasion, mostly applied in pitch mix gas, blast furnace gas in steel factory, tail gas of white char, kiln applications, electric cooker high temperature gas

Nomex Filter Bag


  • Excellent combination of filtration efficiency and dust cake release
  • Good chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Heat resistance, working under 200-220℃
  • Easy cleaning
  • Anti -acid, anti-alkali
  • High filtration efficiency, reaching 99.9%


  • Chemicals processing: dryers in the pigment, plastic, and catalyst industries
  • Minerals processing: dryers and finish mills in the cement industry
  • Metals processing: process collectors in the lead, primary base metal, and foundry industries

Technical Parameter

Fiber Composition Polyaramide
Weight(g/m²) 500
Density (g/m³) 0.29
Air Permeability(L/m²/S) 10.8
Warp Strength (N/5×20cm) 800
Weft Strength (N/5×20cm) 1000
Warp Tensile Elongation (%) 35
Weft Tensile Elongation (%) 45
Working Temperature (℃) 204
Short Working Temperature (℃) 250
Anti-acid Good
Anti-alkali Excellent
Abrade resistance Excellent
Surface Treatment Singeing、calendaring、heat setting

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