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MS® Non-Standard RO Element



MS® Residential RO Elements can remove organics, microorganism, virus, metal ion, cancer-organic substance, and other soluble salt. Non-Standard RO Element


  •  Household water RO filter
  •  Ultra pure Water  in hospital
  •  Mountain Area


  • Larger size
  • Higher flux
  • Long service life






Model of Element A inch (mm) B inch (mm) C inch (mm) D inch (mm)
ROAS2812-200 11.7(298) 2.8(71.1) 0.68(17) 0.82(21)
ROAS3012-300 11.7(298) 3.0(76.2) 0.68(17) 0.82(21)
ROAS3013-400 12.9(328) 2.7(68) 0.68(17) 0.75(19)
Model of Element Average Permeated Flow GPD(m3/d) Stable Minimum Rejection Rate (%) Testing Pressure(psi)
 Rejection Rate (%)
ROAS2812-200 200(0.76) 97 95 100
ROAS3012-300 300(1.14) 97 95 100
ROAS3013-400 400(1.52) 97 95 100

Test date

Testing solution concentration (NaCl) 500ppm Max. Feed water Temperature 45℃(113℉)
Testing Solution Temperature 25℃(77℉) Max. Working Pressure 20.7bar(300psi)
pH Value of Testing Solution 7.5 Max. Feed water Permeated Flow 7.6LPM(2.0GPM)
Recovery Rate of Single Element 15% pH Range of Feed water during Operation 3~10


The permeate flow listed in the table is the average value. The permeate flow of single membrane element is within a tolerance not exceeding ±15% of the nominal value

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