Oil Gas (on shore)

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Oil Gas (off shore)

In Oil Gas (off shore) applications, air flow is a critical performance parameter. Gas service are optimized for use in pre-filtration of compressed or pressurized gases, and gas filtration to completely remove particles and droplets plus microorganisms like molds, yeasts or bacteria and even viruses and phages. These filters also find wide use in negative-pressure applications such as sterile filtration of vacuum break lines on lyophilizers and autoclaves, and sterile and non-sterile venting of tanks and containers


Gas filtration

A fluid filter is disclosed which separates gas from liquid and vents the separated gas from the filter. The filter includes a vented housing through which the fluid stream passes. Liquid-wetting filter means carried in the housing in the path of the fluid stream permits the passage of liquid-repellent filter to permit the passage of gas only. An automatic pressure sensitive control means may be used to seal the vent opening means against the entry of ambient air but to automatically release separated gas from the filter. The liquid-repellent filter may be secured to the housing by a mechanical bond between the housing and a fibrous backing carried by the filter, or a continuous band of medical grade tape may be used to attach the filter to the housing..

MS Experience in Gas Filtration

The manufacture of pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and medicinal products is unique from many other manufacturing processes. These products are utilized for the health and well being of living organisms, including humans. The design of the manufacturing area of these facilities is required to follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Protecting people, the environment and products from contaminants during pharmaceutical manufacturing processes requires the sage venting tanks and the filtration of gases or aggressive chemicals.

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Features-Benefits of MS Filters for offshore Gas Filtration

  • Quality of chemical filters is guaranteed for MS has ISO 9001 Certification & CE Market
  • Certificate of FDA Registration
  • Global Supply Chain and Efficient Customer Service
  • Glass 100,000 clean Room
  • Quick Delivery 5-7 days guaranteed
  • OEM option, Private Labeling Service
  • Consistent QA and Stable Product Supply
  • Supplying the industrial Gas Manufactures with the best filtration solutions at the lowest cost
  • High performance anti-bacterial filtration
  • Exceptionally high flow rates with low pressure drops

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MS® filter bags

MS® filter bags are designed for high accuracy and low cost filtration, feature 100% welded fabrication, preventing bypass problems, especially for filtration requirements on precision that common filter bags cannot reach.

MS® PolyPure Pleated Cartridge Filter

MS® capsule filters are designed for critical, small volume filter applications in the coatings, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics markets. They contain pleated, absolute-rated, filter media providing excellent retention of particles at fast flow rates.

MS®LQ-PTFE Cartridge Filter for Liquid Fine Filtration

MS®LQ-PTFE Cartridge Filter, with its advantages of high porosity and high laminating strength reached first class technology. Inherently Hydrophobic Expanded PTFE Micro Porous Membrane for Broad Chemical compatibility.

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