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MS Other Filter contains Activated carbon Filters, Liquid Filter Bag, and Filter Housing. MS other filters are used by industries around the world and are manufactured worldwide to global standards. Customers can choose from a complete line of single and multi filter or housings designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. MS is helping customers reduce process costs through its development of a unique range of proprietary filter bags and elements that offer a compelling, cost effective alternative to more expensive cartridge filter systems.

Typical Applications

  • Water Treatment

Well water filtration, water treatment plants, silt removal, pipe scale removal, sand and algae removal from sea water, ion exchange resin recovery, calcium deposit removal, filtration of chemicals used for water treatment, dust removal from cooling tower installations.

  • Food and Beverage

Polishing filtration of wine, spirits and beer, removal of particles from edible oils, removal of carbon black from cellulose, slime removal in gelatins, liquid sugar, thick juice, corn syrup polishing, starch processing, milk processing and soft drinks.

  • Electronics

Wafer and chip processing, electronic etching baths, photo-chemical polishing and high-purity water filtration and pre-filtration of various membrane filtration processes to improve their cost effectiveness.

  • Chemical

Catalyst recovery, removal of pipe scale, polishing of aqueous process fluids, alkalis, acids and solvents, filtration of emulsions and dispersions, gel removal from resins. Activated carbon or catalyst removal in the fine chemicals industry is a typical example of a demanding application in chemical processing.

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