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The cuvette is a small tube of circular or square cross section, sealed at one end, made of plastic, glass, or fused quartz (for UV light) and designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments..

Membrane Solutions provides quartz cuvettes and plastic cuvettes. Plastic Cuvettes are available in polystyrene or PMMA, very chemically compatible, and can be used with most polar organic solvents, as well as acids and bases. The economic Quartz and Glass cuvettes are ideal for precision measurements, because of their high quality materials used and their low manufacturing tolerances.

Membrane Solutions offers two materials of cuvettes:


  • Quartz cuvettes are made of high quality 214 quartz glass. This ensures perfect transmission of the UV Ultraviolet radiation
  • Our cuvettes are select disposable products for their optics speciality and chemically resistant
  • Resistant with most polar organic solvents
  • Smooth sides make optical pathway no inflecting
  • Recessed sides prevent scratching and convenient for grip
  • Disposability prevents cross-contamination risk


  • Plastic cuvettes are often used in fast spectroscopic assays
  • For UV/VIS/NIR absorbance or fluorescence experiments
  • Used in deep UV applications and is recommended for fluorescent applications
  • The economic Quartz and Glass cuvettes are ideal for precision measurements

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