PES Capusle Filter

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MS PES capsule filter is made of asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane. It has a variety of volume options, can provide a variety of removal ratings and has a variety of cages and adaptors to choose from, quick installation and easy operation. Its internal filter cartridge can be configured according to the characteristics of the filter material liquid by selecting a suitable product series to form different sub-series, which has a wide range of chemical compatibility, high flow rate and low extraction rate, and the low protein binding capacity of polyethersulfone, making it widely used in food and beverage and biopharmaceuticals.


  • Asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane

  • Very low protein non-specific binding

  • Hot-melt welding without any adhesive

  • Wide variety of cages and adaptors to choose from


  • Sterilizing filtration of water for injection, cleaning solution, purified water, and deionized water

  • Sterilizing filtration of large infusion, API, buffer solutions, eye drops, disinfectants, etc.

  • Sterilizing filtration of vaccines, serum, biological products, antibiotic water-based feed solutions, etc.

  • Red wine, beer, juice, pure water filtration

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