Hydrophilic PES Membrane for HPLC

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Hydrophilic PES membrane consists of pure polyether sulfone polymers without support. It can provide good mechanical strength, thermal stability and broad chemical compatibility. It’s applicable for pure water filtration, particles removal of HPLC aqueous mobile phase, preventing column clogging.

Features and Benefits

  • Good chemical compatibility
  • Wide range of ratings
  • Low bio-adsorption
  • Asymmetric structure, high flow rates


Hydrophilic PES Membrane for HPLC

Membrane Name PES
Membrane Material PolyetherSulfone(PES)
Support Material NO
Structure Asymmetric
Color white
Suface Plain
Membrane forms pieces or rolls
Outer  Diameter, mm 47 other size can be customized
Thickness 100-130μm
Wetting Hydrophilic
PH range 1-14
Removal rating,μm 0.22,0.45
Forward maximum operating pressure 4.2bar@23℃,1.5bar@85℃
Flow rate@25℃ alcohol:
0.22μm ≥15 ml/min/cm²@10Psi
0.45μm ≥35ml/min/cm²@10Psi
Integrity Test-water bubble point@23 ℃
0.22μm ≥  3500 mbar
0.45μm ≥ 2500 mbar
Sterilization By  autoclave at 123℃ or EO


● Membranes produced in a controlled environment

● Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System

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