SIC-U PES Filters

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MS®SIC-U PES pleated cartridge filters are absolute rated for particle retention. The inherently hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane and all thermal bonded construction ensure filters no adhesives. The filters are designed for water filtration and aqueous based chemicals filtration.


  • Hydrophilic Membrane, No Wetting Agents And Surfactants
  • No Pre-Wetting Required
  • High asymmetric membrane for high flow rate and long-life time
  • 100% Integrity Tested
  • Highly cost-effective


  • DI Water Pre-Filter And Post Filter
  • High Purity Aqueous Based Chemicals


Materials of Construction
Filter Medium Asymmetric Polyethersulfone
Support/drainage Polypropylene
Inner support core
Outer protection cage
End caps
O-Rings Silicone/EPDM/Viton
Operating Conditions
Maximum operating temperature 1.5Bar@82℃
Maximum Forward Differential Pressure 5.5Bar@25℃
Maximum Reverse Differential Pressure 1.6Bar@25℃
Recommended change-out pressure 2.4Bar
Effective Filter Area 0.81m² per 254mm (10inch)
Extractables <25μg/device
Particle shedding cleanliness <15 particles/10ml ≥ 0.2μm @ 5L/min DI water flow
TOC recovery <10ppb of feed after 120 L flush @ 1L/min

Pressure Drop vs. Liquid Flow Rate

PES Cartridge Filter

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PES Cartridge Filter

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