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MS® 600 MicroPure Cartridge Filter


MS® 600 MicroPure-HF cartridge filter is a large-diameter, coreless, single-open-ended depth cartridge with inside-to-outside flow. Large diameter and large filter area thus reduce filter’s quantity and size. It offers better protection of RO membrane system for seawater.

MS® 600 MicroPure-HF cartridge also bring the benefits of effective injection water filtration, with its large diameter (152.4 mm [6 in]), desired results can be achieved in high flow rate applications with significantly fewer elements and smaller housings.

Typical applications

  • Seawater RO pre-filtration
  • Water Injection System
  • Process Water filtration

Features and Benefits

  • Coreless, all plastic construction to minimize waste disposal
  • Inside-to-outside flow configuration – all debris stays
  • Gradient pore structure brings higher dirty holding capacity
  • High flow capacity significantly reduces system size and frequency of filter changeouts


Materials of Construction:                                       

  • Filter Medium: Melt blown Polypropylene
  • Support: Polypropylene 
  • End caps: Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene


  • Outside Diameter: 6” (152mm)

Micron Ratings:

  • 1~100μm


  • 20inch: 528mm, 40inch: 1022mm, 60inch: 1538mm

Recommended Operating Conditions: 

  • Maximum Temperature: 65℃
  • Maximum Pressure: 1.0bar@65℃
  • Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure: 2.4bar @20°C
  • Maximum recommended flow rate of water: 660LPM@20”, 1300LPM@40”, 1900LPM@60”

Seal Materials:

  • O-Rings: NBR/EPDM/Fluorocarbon

Pressure Drop vs. Flowrate@20℃

Micron  Element Pressure Drop/Flow rate psid/gpm 
20inch  40inch  60inch 
1 0.02 0.0099 0.0068
3 0.016 0.0082 0.0058
5 0.008 0.0035 0.0025
10 0.0046 0.002 0.0017
20 0.0023 0.0011 0.0005
30 0.0016 0.0009 0.0005

*Flow rate (GPM), water at 20℃. For Liquids other than water, multiply differential pressure by fluid viscosity (cP).

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