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MS® BagPure Cartridge Filter



MS® BagPure cartridge filter is a kind of high capacity, pleated cartridge filter. With the structure of large diameter 6 ", single-ended openings and depth materials pleated technology. The filter area is 8 times than ordinary bag filter; in this case, it can greatly reduce the maintenance cost and change frequency.. With a recommended flow rate up to 50 GPM per 16inch and a suggested maximum differential pressure of 40 PSI per 16inch, BagPure cartridge filter is the optimal choice of replacement of bag filter.


  • Diameter 6 "(152 mm) is suitable for large flow and high volume applications
  • The unique design of this pleated bag provides a large effective filter surface area within the space constraints of a standard bag filter basket. 
  • Dirt holding capacity is maximized by pleating three layers of filter media together in a single pleat pack.  
  • Can be directly installed in most of the no. 1 or 2 filter bag housing, do not need to change or modification
  • Inside to outside flowing direction ensures all impurities trapped on inside of the filter element


  • Reverse osmosis system prefiltration, all kinds of process water purification treatment 
  • All kinds of process water, condensed water, cooling water, waste water treatment, etc 
  • DI water filter 
  •  All kinds of acid, alkali, etc and other various chemicals filtration


Materials of Construction:                                      

  • Filter Medium: Pleated Polypropylene
  • Support Medium: Polypropylene
  • End caps: Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene


  • Outside Diameter: 6” (152.4mm)
  • Length: 16” (405mm)——Replace the filter bag no. 1

                     31” (785mm)——Replace the filter bag no. 2

  • Seal Material: EPDM, NBR

Recommended Operating Conditions:

  • Maximum Temperature: 60℃
  • Maximum Pressure: 2.8 bar@60℃
  • Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure: 2.4bar @20°C
  • Micron Rating: 0.1~70μm

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