PolyPure®MIE PP Pleated Cartridge Filter

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To Keep pace with advancing technologies, MS continues its tradition of filtration innovations with the MIE PP Pleated filters: a state of art concept for pleated PP filters. The proven and successful MS technique of varying the fiber diameter produces a pore-size gradient from coarse to fine which maintaining constant high void-volume throughout.

MS® PolyPure MIE series designs specifically for Microelectronics application, offer longer life than many competitive pleated filters. Due to their proprietary construction and M shape structure, PolyPure MIE PP cartridge filters deliver the benefits of both traditional pleated PP and depth style filters.



  • 100% polypropylene construction provides wide chemical compatibility
  • Graded density filtration media enhances dirt-holding capacity
  • Free of surfactants, binders and adhesives
  • Consistent filter performance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fast flow rate


  • Microelectronics, Chemical solvents
  • RO Pretreatment
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Cooling water
  • Process water
  • Paints and coatings


Media Polypropylene
End Connector Polypropylene
Cartridge Dimensions
Micron ratings 0.45um, 1um, 3um,10um,20um
Length 10'' 20'' 30'' 40''
Outer diameter 6.4cm/2.5''
Inside Diameter 2.8cm/1.1''
Operating Conditions
Max Forward Differential Pressure

15 psid (1 bar) @ 180° F (82° C)
30psid (2 bar) @ 160° F (70° C)
50 psid (3.4 bar) @ 120° F (50° C)

Reccomended change out Differential Pressure 35psid(2.4bar)

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