Nylon Filter Cartridge

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MS nylon microporous membrane pleated filter cartridge is made of naturally hydrophilic nylon filter membrane and polypropylene material parts, which has excellent chemical compatibility and mechanical strength, and its surface can be modified by positive charge. It can be widely used in the filtration of strong alkali, weak acid and organic solvents. It has no fiber shedding, uniform pore size and strong flexibility. Each filter cartridge has passed the integrity test and fully meets the application requirements of filtration.

MS nylon series filter cartridges, combined with different local application scenarios, have refined their configurations to form different sub-series to meet the needs of different customers for products, such as PolymidPure、MinyPure-NZ and Photo-Novel, etc. Each series has different characteristics and applications, and we can choose the appropriate Nylon pleated filter cartridge for you according to your needs.


  • It has excellent high temperature resistance and alkali resistance.

  • Surface positively charged nylon membranes are available.

  • Naturally hydrophilic, easy to wet for rapid integrity testing.

  • Each filter cartridge is 100% integrity tested before leaving the factory.

  • Production inspection records and usage of products can be traced.


  • Ultrapure water terminal filtration

  • Sterilizing filtration of food, beverages, alcohol, etc.

  • Medical and health industry: sterilizing filtration of liquid medicine, etc.

  • Filtration of panel photoresists, organic solvents, etc.

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