PES Cartridge Filter

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PES cartridge filters Description

MS polyethersulfone (PES) pleated filter cartridge is an industrial filtration high-precision filter cartridge composed of PES filter membrane + upstream and downstream support and drainage + inner and outer skeleton + end caps at both ends + adaptor + sealing material; it has ultra-low protein binding and dissolution/precipitation level, uniform pore size distribution, excellent bacteria retention capacity, excellent high initial flux. In addition, the PES pleated filter cartridge strictly controls the production environment during the production process to ensure the quality and high cleanliness of the filter cartridge.

Based on the original high-performance PES (polyethersulfone) membrane, MS polyethersulfone (PES) series filters cartridges combine different local application scenarios, and carry out refined design of their configurations to form different sub-series, to meet the needs of different customers for products, such as SteriPure, SteriPure-B and SteriPure-P, etc. Each series has different characteristics and applications, and we can choose the appropriate PES pleated filter cartridge for you according to your needs.


  • Asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane

  • The membrane has good hydrophilicity and high flux

  • Very low protein non-specific binding

  • Wide Chemical Compatibility

  • Hot-melt welding without any adhesive

  • PES Cartridge Filters are tested by integrity testing instrument and rinsed with high-purity water


  • Electronics industry: ultrapure water preparation terminal filtration, semiconductor/panel wet process chemical filtration.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: sterilizing filtration of water for injection, large infusion (LVP), small injection (SVP), biological products, eye drops, antibiotics, etc.

  • Food and beverage industry: sterilizing filtration of bottled water, beverages, fruit juices, alcohol, etc.

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