PP membrane

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Product Description

Because of their hydrophobic nature, the polypropylene membranes are best suited for industrial processes such as gas filtration, chemical processes and photo-resist production as well as for application in the automotive industry. Since polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon material, there are no disposal problems relating to halogen content with PP membrane in contrast with other hydrophobic membranes such as PVDF or PTFE

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  • hydrophobic
  • Superior thermo stability
  • Compatible with aqueous and alcoholic solutions and solvents; suitable for HPLC
  • Binds proteins, DNA and RNA


  • Aqueous and organic solvent filtration
  • HPLC Solvent and Sample Filtration
  • Lon chromatography
  • Gas filtration
  • Photo-resist production

Technical Parameter

Material PP
Pore Size (μm) 0.22、0.45、1.0、3.0、5.0
Thickness (μm) 110-120
Width (mm) 280

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