PTFE Capsule Filter

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MS PTFE capsule filter is made of high-porosity hydrophobic PTFE membrane. It has a wide range of chemical resistance, can provide a variety of removal ratings and has a variety of cages and adaptors to choose from, quick installation and easy operation. Its internal filter cartridge can be configured according to the characteristics of the filter material and liquid by selecting a suitable product series to form different sub-series to meet different application requirements. It has wide applicability and is suitable for the sterilizing filtration of various low surface tension chemicals and gases.


  • High porosity PTFE membrane

  • Prefiltration of gas sterilization

  • Broad chemical resistance

  • High particle retention efficiency

  • Wide variety of cages and adaptors to choose from


  • Bio-fermentation gas sterilization

  • Aseptic packaging gas filtration

  • Food fermentation gas sterilization

  • Sterilizing filtration of respirators

  • Strong acid, strong base chemical solvent filtration

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