MS® FluorPure PTFE Cartridge Filter

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MS® FluorPure series cartridge filters are the best cost performance filter, FluorPure G using the nature hydrophobic e-PTFE membrane, have greatest flow rate and longer service life, can be used to filter the gas, organic chemicals.

FluorPure L using hydrophilic PTFE membrane have great flow rate and longer service life than FluorPure ML.


  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • High flow rates and low pressure drop
  • Longer service life, reduce the total costs
  • Provide the hydrophilic membrane, without the prewetting processing, and save the replacement time
  • Low extractables
  • Manufactured in a cleanroom environment
  • 100% integrity tested

Technical Specifications

Materials of Construction Recommended Operating Conditions  
Filter Medium Expanded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Maximum Operating Temperature 1.9bar@82℃
Support and drainage Polypropylene Fiber Maximum Differential Pressure (forward) 5.0bar@25℃
Core/Cage Polypropylene Maximum Differential Pressure (reverse) 3.4bar@25℃
End Caps/ Adaptor Polypropylene Recommended Replacement Pressure 2.4bar
O-Ring/ Gaskets Please refer to the ordering info.    
Filter Dimensions    
Outer Diameter 68.5mm  
Inner Diameter 33.0mm    
Filtration Area ≥0.74m2    















Flow Rate-Pressure Drop

The flow rate-pressure drop of FLuorPure G

FluorPure-G filters are specially optimized from the selection of membrane, which have high flow rate and velocity, can effectively delay filter blocking rate.

The flow rate-pressure drop of FLuorPure L


FluorPure G

  • Ultra Pure chemicals and gases
  • Non-sterile venting
  • Photoresists, solvents, and electroplating solutions
  • Chemical delivery system (CDS) filtration

FluorPure L

  • Ultra Pure aqueous chemicals
  • Chemical delivery and filling system filtration
  • Eye drop and antibiotics
  • Hot deionized water (less than 80℃)

Ordering Information

Filter Media

Membrane Type


Pore Size









005 = 5 inches

010 = 10 inches

020 = 20 inches

030 = 30 inches

040 = 40 inches

010= 0.1μm

020= 0.22μm

045= 0.45μm

100= 1.0μm

0 = DOE

2 = 222/Flat

3 = 222/Fin

6 = 226/Fin

7 = 226/Flat

S = Silicone


F = Viton


PV=Teflon Encapsulated Viton

PS=Teflon Encapsulated Silicone

Blank = PP

S=316L Stainless Steel















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