FluorPure-DLS PTFE Cartridge Filter

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MS®FluorPure-DLS PTFE cartridge filter are validated sterilizing grade filters with dual layer surface-modified PTFE membrane which have no pre-wetting. This cartridge using thickening of heat-resistant core, can be repeated steam sterilization on line or in pressure cooker, FlorPure-DLS can be specially used for sterilization in the liquid contained water or solvent in pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry.


  • Hydrophilic PTFE with lowest gravimetric extracts, no pre-wetting
  • Double hydrophilic membrane for high removal efficiency and low adsorption
  • Long steaming life offering low-cost filtration
  • 100% integrity tested and through biological safety validation


  • Water for injection
  • Buffer and bioprocess
  • Antibiotics, disinfectant, mundificant
  • Ophthalmic solutions
  • Culture Media

Quality Guarantee

  • FDA Listed Materials
  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality System
  • Meets USP Class VI Biological Test for Plastics
  • 100% integrity tested
  • LVR for B. diminuta > 11


Materials of Construction
Media Hydrophilic Polytetrafluoroethylene
Support and drainage Polypropylene
Cage/End Caps
Core Polypropylene/Polysulfone
Adapter Polypropylene with reinforcing ring
O-Rings/Gaskets Silicone
Outside diameter 68.5mm
Lengths 5”, 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″
Effective Filter Area 0.7m² per 254mm (10inch)
Operating Conditions
Maximum operating temperature 1.9Bar@82℃
Maximum Forward Differential Pressure 5.2Bar@25℃
Maximum Reverse Differential Pressure 2.1Bar@25℃
Recommended change-out pressure 2.4Bar
Endotoxins ≤0.25EU/ml
Steam sterilization
Autoclave 100x 30min @125℃
In-line Steam (forward) 100x 30min @125℃, 45 x 30min @134℃

Pressure and Flow Rate

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