MS® PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane With Polypropylene Supports

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MS® PTFE hydrophilic membrane with polypropylene supports achieve  excellent performance in liquid filtration,especially the aggressive liquid.Because our membrane has higher porosity,higher flow rate and superior  filtration precision.


  • Strong hydrophilic,no prewetting 
  • Clean,non-shedding surface
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • High flow rate


  • Ultra pure electronic grade chemicals 
  • Water-based chemical and other chemicals with highsurface tension;BOE
  • Diluted acids and base,Water-soluble special mixture 
  • High viscosity liquid
Manufacturing Process  Filter applications 
HDD Substrate Processes Nickel plating, post-polish cleaning, rinse baths
HDD Media Processes   Alkali cleans, megasonic cleaning, rinse baths
HGA / HSA Assembly Parts washing, ultrasonic & megasonic baths
Component Fabrication  Cleaning Baths, Rinse Stat


Part No. Pore Size(μm) Thickness(μm)  Water Bubble Point(MPa)  Water Flow Rate
  (25℃,Δp = -0.07MPa)
MSPTFE010LX 0.1 150-190 -- 5-10
MSPTFE022LX 0.22 0.4-0.5 10-20
MSPTFE045LX 0.45 0.2-0.25 25-35
MSPTFE100LX 1 0.13-0.18 ≥80
MSPTFE010LX-A 0.1 180-250 -- 3-5
MSPTFE022LX-A 0.22 0.45-0.52 10-20
MSPTFE045LX-A 0.45 0.24-0.3 25-35
MSPTFE100LX-A 1 0.12-0.15 ≥80

 *Custom roll, Sheet, and disc sizes available upon request and specification of other pore sizes, please feel free to contact with

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