MS® PTFE Hydrophilic Pure Membrane Without Non-woven Backing Material

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Product Description

Membrane Solutions provide hydrophilic ePTFE membrane, which is featured with excellent and permanent hydrophilicity, high porosity,best chemical compatibility and low protein adsorption. It is an ideal material for filtration of aqueous solutions and solvents, especially suitable for strong acid,alkali and corrosive liquid.


  • Excellent hydrophilicity
  • Permanent hydrophilicity  
  • Best chemical compatibility
  • Low protein adsorption
  • Anti-fouling property


  • Etching and cleaning chemicals
  • Industry chemicals
  • High corrosive liquid
  • Strong acid/alkali


Part,No. Pore size  (um) Thickness (um) Water bubble point  (MPa) Water flow rate (ml/min/cm2)(25℃,Δp=-10psi) 
MSPTFE010NLX 0.1 50-60 0.22-0.24(ethanol) 5-10
MSPTFE022NLX 0.22 0.45-0.52 10-15
MSPTFE045NLX 0.45 0.24-0.3 25-35
MSPTFE100NLX 1 0.12-0.15 80-90
MSPTFE080NLX 0.8 30-40 0.1-0.14 85-100
Custom roll, Sheet, and disc sizes available upon request and specification of other pore sizes, please feel free to contact with

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