MS®PTFE Hydro-oleophobic Membrane

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Product Description

MS® PTFE hydro-oleophobic membrane resist the penetration of low surface tension contaminants such as cleaning agents,detergents,oils and chemi-cals.Oil repellency is tested according to the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) test standard 118-1989.A drop of fluid with a known surface tension is placed on the material and observed for 30 seconds for “wetting,” which is the process of the liquid moving into the membrane structure.The oil rating is the number of the fluid with the lowest surface tension that did not wet out the membrane.


  • Oleophobic level up to:8 (AATCC118)
  • High flow rate &No volatile
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • High mechanical strength
Table1.Standard test liquids
Oil Rating Test Fluid Surface Tension*(dyn/cm)
3 Hexadecane 29
4 Tetradecane 27
5 Dodecane 24.5
6 Decane 24
7 Octane 21
8 Heptane 19.5
9 Hexane 18



  • Organic gas filtration biomass
  • The recycle of organic liquid droplets from industrial tail gas
  • Removal of the gas in biomass liquid 
  • Removal of the volatile components in the solution
  • Liquid storage container venting 
  • Sensor
  • Electronic enclosures 
  • Control units
  • Any components exposed to chemical agents

Table2. Surface tensions of  some typical fluids

Fluid Surface Tension*(dyn/cm)
Water 73
10% Methyl Alcohol in Water 59
Castor Oil 36
Benzene 29
Ethyl Alcohol 24
Acetone 24
Methanol 24
IPA 22


Membrane code Pore Size(um) Membrane material Support material Thickness(um) Flow Rate (@1psi) Phobicity
MSPTFE010BOX 0.1 PTFE pp  
≥0.1slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE022BOX 0.22 PTFE pp ≥0.2slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE045BOX 0.45 PTFE pp ≥0.4slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE100BOX 1 PTFE pp ≥0.7slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE300BOX 3 PTFE pp ≥1.5slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE500BOX 5 PTFE pp ≥2.5slmp oleophobic
≥0.08slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE022ETBOX 0.22 PTFE PET ≥0.16slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE045ETBOX 0.45 PTFE PET ≥0.32slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE100ETBOX 1 PTFE PET ≥0.56slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE300EBTOX 3 PTFE PET ≥1.2slmp oleophobic
MSPTFE500ETBOX 5 PTFE PET ≥2.0slmp oleophobic

*Custom roll, Sheet, and disc sizes available upon request and specification of other pore sizes, please feel free to contact with

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