MS® PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane With Polyester Supports

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MS® PTFE hydrophobic membrane manufactured solely by Membrane Solutions, can be laminated to polyester for many applications ranging from mineral production to Food and Pharmaceuticals.

There are numerous features and benefits associated with MS® PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane With Polyester Supports including:

Features Benefits

  • Inherently hydrophobic
  • Particle retention - removal of micro-organisms, aerosols and small particles. 
  • Increased flow rates&throughput-provide high air flow, low pressure drop whilst maintaining a consistent pore size; helping to increase filter life and reduce operating cost. 
  • Reduced shedding and minimal extractables
  • High chemical and thermal resistance 


Mineral Production ●Cement    ●Gypsum   ●Coal    
●Lime     ●Asphalt
Food /Pharmaceuticals ●Granulating  ●Drying    ●Coating   ●Screening
●Blending    ●Pelletizing  ●Packaging ●Compressing
Metal Processing inc Foundry ●Casting   ●Finishing  ●Cutting ie plasma & laser   ●Mould making
●Furnace extraction   ●Pouring   ●Welding
Hi-Tech Manufacturing & Engineering ●Welding   ●Fume Extraction   ●CNC Machining   ●Linishing


Part No. Pore Size(μm) Thickness(μm) Alcohol Bubble Point(MPa) Alcohol Flow Rate  (25℃,Δp = -0.07MPa)
MSPTFE010ETBX 0.1 125-135 0.20-0.24 5-8
MSPTFE022ETBX 0.22 0.13-0.15 10-15
MSPTFE045ETBX 0.45 0.07-0.08 20-30
MSPTFE100ETBX 1 0.04-0.05 40-60
MSPTFE300ETBX 3 0.03-0.04 100-130

*Custom roll, Sheet, and disc sizes available upon request and specification of other pore sizes, please feel free to contact with

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