MS® PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane With Polypropylene Supports

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Membrane Material:Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE)
Support Material:Polypropylene(PP)
Sealing:PTFE membrane can be laminated to various support materials by heating,and no adhesive, surface active agent are used during  the production of membrane
Environment:produced and tested in clean room of10,000 class and all relevant staff must wear clean clothing as required.

PTFE Hydrophobic Membrane


  • Strong hydrophobic 

  • High flow, high precision

  • High chemical and thermal resistance

  • High mechanical performance  

  • Low dissolved matter

  • Ultraclean, non-shedding membrane

  • Consistent quality from roll to roll  


Acid Ink Drinks
Alkali Medicine Fne chemicals
Biological agents Electroplate liquid Fuel
Process water  Parts cleaning Photoresist
Compressed gas Electronic grade solvents Pharmaceutical intermediates


Part No. Pore Size(μm) Thickness(μm) Alcohol Bubble Point(MPa) Alcohol Flow Rate
 (25℃,Δp = -0.07MPa)
MSPTFE010BX 0.1 150-190 0.2-0.24 5-10
MSPTFE022BX 0.22 0.14-0.17 15-25
MSPTFE045BX 0.45 0.07-0.1 25-40
MSPTFE100BX 1 0.04-0.05 50-70
MSPTFE300BX 3 0.03-0.04 ≥150
MSPTFE500BX 5 0.02-0.03 ≥300

*Custom roll, Sheet, and disc sizes available upon request and specification of other pore sizes, please feel free to contact with

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