PTFE venting Membrane For Micro Motor Application

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MS® PTFE venting Membrane For Micro Motor Application Description

Membrane Solutions’ automotive vents can play such a role since air can pass them freely which equalizes the pressure drop and water, gasoline, diesel, dust are kept outside. This ensures the motors meet both the waterproof and integrated sealing requirements, which improve the reliability of the motors. Membrane Solutions developed custom vents for different auto motors, including TPV vents, adhesive vents and weldable membrane discs.

Features & Benefits

  • Good seal
  • High air flow rates-to ensure adequate venting and pressure equalization
  • Waterproof and dust proof- to ensure the properties of motors,and keep the reliability 
  • Oleophobic option- provides oil repellency rating up to 8 while allowing air flow
  • Long service life

Typical Applications

  • Power window motors
  • Wiper motors
  • Sunroof motors
  • Starter motors 
  • Pump motors


Part No. Minimum Airflow Outer Diameter/mm
AVS41 ≥150 L/h @ 70 mbar (1 psi) 35 mm× 27 mm


  • Manufactured, inspected and packaged in clean room environment  
  • Roll sealed in clean room bag unless otherwise specified

Custom-Designed Venting Membrane

Membrane Solutions’ technical experts can custom-design a package vent that results in the most effective venting solution for your needs, utilizing:

  • wide range of pore sizes, air flows, water and oil repellency, and particulate removal efficiency.
  • Support materials include:None,PP,PET

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