PTFE Venting Membrane Applied in Electrical Sensors

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MS® PTFE Venting Membrane Applied in Electrical Sensors Description

Keep Your Electrical Sensors Accurate

In the electronics industry, the protective vents of Membrane Solutions are mainly used in sensors.Our protective vents allow air to pass through and prevent solid contaminants, water and liquids from entering into the sensors, which ensure sensors not to be contaminated and ensure the sensitivity of the sensors. Meanwhile, Membrane Solutions’ protective vents can equalize the pressure drop changes inside and outside the enclosure due to the temperature changes with the good air permeability to extend the service life of sensors.

Features & Benefits

  • Protect the sensor from the pollutants, such as water, salt and other corrosive liquid, to ensure that the accuracy of sensor  
  • High air flow rates-to ensure adequate venting, pressure equalization and reduce the stress on the sealing strip
  • Simple installation.

Typical Applications

  • Tilt angle sensors
  • Accelerometer sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Chemical sensors 
  • Position sensors
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Magnetoresistive sensors
  • Angular transducers


Adhesive series

Part No. Series VE8 Series VE7 Series VE9
Typical airflow (DP = 70 mbar) 3300 ml/min/cm2 290 ml/min/cm2 1150 ml/min/cm2
Membrane characteristic Oleophobic
Membrane color White Black White
Backing material PET nonwoven None
Adhesive type Acrylic Silicone
Typical thickness 0.26 mm 0.34 mm 0.32 mm
Mounting location Interior of the housing Interior or exterior of the housing


Screw-in series

Part No. PMF100318/ PMF100319 PMF100320/ PMF100321 PMF100391/ PMF100392 PMF100519/ PMF100520 PMF100444 PMF200542
Water entry pressure >0.6bar/30 sec >0.6bar/30 sec >0.3bar/30sec >0.3bar/30sec >0.3bar/30 sec >0.3bar/30 sec
Typical airflow 450ml/min (dp=70mbar) 450ml/min (dp=70mbar) 2500ml/min (dp=70mbar) 2000ml/min (dp=70mbar) 1700ml/min (dp=70mbar) 16ml/min (dp=12mbar)
membrane characteristic Oleophobic Oleophobic Hydrophobic Oleophobic Oleophobic Oleophobic
Installed height 5.6mm 5.6mm 5.6mm 5.6mm 11.5mm 9.7mm


Snap-in series

Part No. Water entry pressure Typical airflow(dp=70mbar) Membrane characteristic Installed height
VE0006GSV >0.3bar/30sec 35ml/min Oleophobic 1.5 mm

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