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Ostomy and Urine Bags



MS®PTFE venting membranes can be used for Ostomy and Urine bags because of its perfect permeability,Which can prevent leakage,  eliminate bag inflation and ensure the patients health and recovery.


The Membrane Solutions adsorbent filter prevents odors from escaping the bag 

  • Hydrophobic-gas permeable water barrier with IP ratings of IP44 to IP67/IP68
  • Oleophobic-rating up to 8 while allowing air flow
  • High air flow rates,low pressure drop -to prevent build-up of gases and bag inflation 
  • Pressure equalization 
  • Clean, minimal extractables-to maintain a clean environment
  • Easily assembled-thermal weld or optional pressure-sensitive adhesive 
  • Chemically inert  
  • Thermally stable 


Membrane Solutions’ technical experts can custom-design venting membrane that results in the most effective venting solution for your needs, utilizing:

  • MS®PTFE venting membranes in a wide range of pore sizes, air flows, water and oil repellency, and particulate  removal efficiency.
  • Support materials include:None,PP,PET


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive 
  • Injection over-molding
  • Heat welding
  • Sonic welding


Part No. Thickness/(μm) Air Flow(l/min/cm2@7kpa) WEP(mbar)
MSPTFEMED380120 180 1.2 380
MSPTFEMED380093 300 0.93 380

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