Ostomy and Urine Bags

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Ostomy and Urine Bags Description

MS®PTFE venting membranes can be used for Ostomy and Urine bags because of its perfect permeability,Which can prevent leakage,  eliminate bag inflation and ensure the patients health and recovery.

Features & Benefits

The Membrane Solutions adsorbent filter prevents odors from escaping the bag 

  • Hydrophobic-gas permeable water barrier with IP ratings of IP44 to IP67/IP68
  • Oleophobic-rating up to 8 while allowing air flow
  • High air flow rates,low pressure drop -to prevent build-up of gases and bag inflation 
  • Pressure equalization 
  • Clean, minimal extractables-to maintain a clean environment
  • Easily assembled-thermal weld or optional pressure-sensitive adhesive 
  • Chemically inert  
  • Thermally stable 

Custom-Designed Venting Membrane

Membrane Solutions’ technical experts can custom-design venting membrane that results in the most effective venting solution for your needs, utilizing:

  • MS®PTFE venting membranes in a wide range of pore sizes, air flows, water and oil repellency, and particulate  removal efficiency.
  • Support materials include:None,PP,PET


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive 
  • Injection over-molding
  • Heat welding
  • Sonic welding


Part No. Thickness/(μm) Air Flow(l/min/cm2@7kpa) WEP(mbar)
MSPTFEMED380120 180 1.2 380
MSPTFEMED380093 300 0.93 380

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