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Medical devices and clinical products have high requirements for protective vents. Apart from filtrating almost all the dust, bacteria and virus, it is also necessary to keep water and almost all the liquids outside. Meanwhile, it is required that the protective vents can keep excellent air permeability after the products have contacted water and liquids. Membrane Solutions’ vents specially designed for medical application can meet the strict requirements.


  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic-to prevent leakage
  • High air flow rates-to ensure adequate venting and pressure equalization
  • Clean, minimal extractables
  • Chemically inert, biocompatibility, no rejection
  • Thermally stable 
  • Compatibility with various sterilizing methods


  •  Hydrophobicity analysis 
  • Oleophobicity analysis 
  • Airflow analysis 
  • SEM examination and evaluation 
  • Diffusion rate testing


  • Manufactured, inspected and packaged in clean room environment  
  • Roll sealed in clean room bag unless otherwise specified


Membrane Solutions’ technical experts can custom-design venting membrane that results in the most effective venting solution for your needs, utilizing:

  • wide range of pore sizes, air flows, water and oil repellency, and particulate removal efficiency.
  • Support materials include:None,PP,PET


    Part No. Thickness(μm) Air Flow(l/min/cm2@70mbar) WEP/(mbar)  Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 
MSMV270200BX 140 2 270 99.90%
MSMV380100BX 260 1 380 99.999%
MSMV380120BX 180 1.2 380 99.99%

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